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Getting familiar with the screen

After the browser window opens (refer to Figure 2-2), you see a grayish background with a few tools and a navigation bar. You also see a thumbnail of the original photo from which you created the file.

Photoshop presents a pretty standard landscape. The software includes a Tools panel on the left side of the window (see the margin on this page for more details on the Tool panel), and there’s a quick mask on the bottom of the window.

This is the beginning of a _command bar_, the portion of the interface that enables you to perform most of the basic tasks on

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Elements is not intended to be a replacement for Photoshop. You may learn Photoshop or use Elements and still be able to work professionally.

When a client or your boss asks for a photo edit or web designer to change an image in Photoshop, you don’t have to. Elements has image editing tools to edit any photo that you wish, whether it is a single photo or an entire photo collection.

PS Elements is simple to learn, easy to use and has fewer features than Photoshop.

For more information on the history of Photoshop, read our article – A brief history of Photoshop

Steps to editing and editing web images using Photoshop Elements

Web browser

Photoshop Elements cannot create or edit websites directly. It allows you to edit images and save them as JPEG or PNG files. Websites are created using web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.

In this article, the web browser will be referred to as “the web browser” to simplify discussion.

Photoshop Elements

Step 1 – Open

Double-click on the image to open it in the Web browser.

Web browser

The image file appears on the web browser’s window.

Step 2 – Edit


The Edit menu appears and the active tool appears on the tool bar. Use the tool to edit the image.

Web browser

The image is reflected in the web browser window, as shown in the image below.

Step 3 – Save

The Save command appears on the Edit menu.

Save dialog box for web browser

The Save As dialog box opens.

Step 4 – Save

A dialog box shows the web browser window with the following options:


To save the image to the local disk drive, make sure that you press Save in the Save As dialog box.

Saving an image in the web browser

The image appears in the specified folder.

Step 5 – Close

Click OK to close the Save dialog box.

Close dialog box for web browser

The edited image appears in the web browser.

Step 6 – Quit

Click the Quit command from the Edit menu. The active editing window closes and Photoshop Elements returns to the web browser to show you an image.

Exit from Photoshop Elements

The image is edited in the web browser.

To save a Photoshop Elements image

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System Requirements:

4GB System RAM
Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32 or 64-bit), or Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit)
1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor
9 MB HD space available
DirectX 9.0
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