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For information about how to use the more powerful Adobe Fireworks, which is built for total image creation, see Chapter 12.

## Exploring Photoshop’s Window, Menu, and Palette

Photoshop’s window, menus, and tool palette (the ruler) are all designed for enabling you to work efficiently on your images. Most of Photoshop’s menu items have menu icons that display useful information about the item to which they are connected. The palette features a vertical ruler for measuring and drawing straight lines, as well as a horizontal ruler for measuring and drawing horizontal lines. The VECTOR and TEXT tools have important items from the top of the box.

Your toolbox

With the release of Photoshop CS2, a new toolbar called the _toolbox_ enabled you to access different tools while you are working in the digital imaging window (The Photoshop Toolbox). Since CS3, the toolbox is accessible on the « Window » menu. See Chapter 2 to learn more about windows and menus in the interface.

Here is what the PS Toolbox features:

The Rectangular Selection tool enables you to make and to edit selections that cover any part of an image. You can create selections in much the same way as in the Select tool as described in Chapter 7.

The Gradient tool enables you to use Photoshop’s gradients as fill or line-drawing tools. A Gradient filter can be applied to any selection so that it doesn’t affect the selection, making it great for creating gradients with a fill. Other tools in the toolbox enable you to tweak and manipulate them.

The Gradient Select tool enables you to make a selection that reveals any area of an image that matches the gradient of a Fill or Stroke setting. The Gradient tool is also available from the Select tool’s Edit menu as a menu item with the same name.

The Eraser tool can be used to remove any part of an image, although not all areas can be removed, like the color channels and the layers. The Eraser tool with its brush is found in the Toolbox under Brush/Eraser.

The Zoom tool enables you to magnify or reduce any part of an image, which makes it easy to study details of an image. You can also zoom in and out of a document with a keyboard shortcut.

The Layers palette is the layer editor (discussed in Chapter 13). Layers are used to build artwork, including vector graphics. Layers

Download Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Filters

Pros: The user interface is made to be used by hobbyist and photographers, and it allows you to adjust the picture quality and resolution as well as rotate, crop, recolor and so on. There is a clear distinction between the tools for photos and the tools for graphics.

Cons: The user interface is much simplified, but the program is easy to use since it is designed for experienced users. There is a lack of new features and updates for the user interface.

Perfect for: Anyone who has a basic understanding of Windows, wants the photo editing software for free, or is looking for a beginner to Photoshop.

Overall score: 3 out of 4

For professionals, Photoshop is the go-to program for editing photographs. It has everything you need for editing, creating and improving your images. It may be pricey, but the high quality of the program, free updates and thousands of plugins, along with the ability to customize everything from the interface to the toolbar, make it worthwhile.

What you need to know: Photoshop is made by Adobe and is the professional and free version of Photoshop. Photoshop is the very best in the industry. The programs have become quite costly, but Adobe continue to update it and continue to make it more usable and customizable.

Pros: The program is expandable. If you have Photoshop, you can add more modules with plugins to Photoshop that can enhance its functionality.

Cons: Some say the interface is too complicated and heavy.

Perfect for: Artists, designers and photographers that are looking for a pro editing tool.

Overall score: 4 out of 4

Free software is often called “freeware”, but Adobe’s version of Photoshop is more than just a free or open-source software. It is a professional-quality graphics editing and photo editing program.

What you need to know: Photoshop is basically what some think of as a “must-have” program for a designer or a photographer. Photoshop provides access to a web gallery, provides filters and layers to make drawing and editing easier, and can be used to edit text as well.

Pros: This is one of the most powerful and popular programs around. With Photoshop, it is easy to edit, add or subtract things from images, and save them in various formats.

Cons: The user interface could use some improvements, and it can be intimidating at first.

Perfect for: Artists and creative designers.

Download Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Filters


Joomla! – Hidden Menu Item at Category Level

how can I add a hidden menu item to my category level, and do not show it in the category list? I want to apply it in web and component position.


By the way you’re saying you want to ‘hide’ it in the category list? If so it isn’t possible… that menu item will always show up.
The way to remove it, whether you’re doing it in a component or a template, is to use the customhtml field in the category settings. You could do something like:

get( ‘customhtml’, 0, ‘component’);?>

This will remove the item from the list, but would not hide it unless it’s meant to be hidden (e.g. set to display:none).


Businesses that had planned to set up at the Conwy International Showground were told they could not perform because of an ongoing legal wrangle.

Sales at the show yesterday (Wednesday) were well below the target set before the long summer break, because of the lack of trade.

But for businesses who had to renew their lease at the trade centre during October, the break did not quite mean business as usual.

At the start of October 2016, developers An Taisce launched a High Court bid to stop work on a joint development project to accommodate Conwy International Show in Colwyn Bay.

The court challenge – which blocked the development on grounds of the shared ownership of a sports ground – is unlikely to be resolved until next year and is not expected to affect the Conwy International Show.

Any new show would be first announced and open for business at the end of 2017.

However a spokesman from Conwy International Showground said: « The showground is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

« There are no further dates scheduled for 2017.

« We are hoping to get permission for October 2017. There is a possibility that it may be decided to open from January 2018

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Azure App Service (Ubuntu Core) Data Persistency

I’m trying to setup Docker containers to pull images from Docker Hub and run containers based on that. The question that I’m wondering about is about the persistence.
I was able to setup docker with volumes and Docker Daemon’s option to persist the data and a directory.
When I use docker run command I’m creating containers, but the data is lost after container instance shutdown.
The question is, when I deploy containers on an app service, where the app service is ubuntu core, does app service persists the volume or it’s lost after I stop my container instance?


If you only use the docker run command to run a Docker container, the data is persisted on the root directory where the container is running. The only way you can have the data persisted is by mounting directories as volumes. If you want to use a docker image as a container (instead of a docker image that would run inside the container), then that image can’t mount a volume. So, you’re stuck with mounting it yourself, which then is persisted on the root directory.
In case you have your own image, you could mount a filesystem inside the container running in the root directory (or the user home directory) and start the container on it.
On App Service, the root directory is mapped to a subfolder on the disk and the data is persisted there. That means, if you’re running a container using a directory on the root directory, the data will be persisted.

Copper(II) chloranilato octacyanide bridged by an oxalato ligand: structural and photophysical characterisation.
The molecular structure of the supramolecular copper(II) complex has been determined using X-ray crystallography and shows the bound oxalate ligands to adopt the E-C(2)-O-C(2)O(2)O(2)O(2) geometry. The capping chloren ligands lie above and below the plane of the copper atom, thus defining a supramolecular architecture in which the copper is exposed to the external environment. The synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of the compound are also described.Q:

How to use httpRequestHeaders in retrofit?

I am new to the retrofit library, I am trying to implement a functionality for send request to server with some additional header

System Requirements:

Windows 10
SteamOS, Linux, and macOS.
Note: Some localizations of the game are incompatible with the Steam version. Please download from here if you can’t play using Steam.
Supporting Multiple Languages:
Note: The game will use auto-detected localizations if the game’s language has already been selected, or if the language has been changed after the game has already been launched. If you wish to change the language of the game to a different language, you must first launch the game.

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