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* The beginner’s textbook user should start with Photoshop CS2, which provides better image-editing tools than previous versions.
* Basic Photoshop skills include working with layers, the Layers panel, and tools.
* A beginner user should always include at least two ways to make an image (a digital camera or scanner, and Photoshop).
* Image resolution and filesize are critical issues for beginners.
* Start with a small, low-resolution image and reduce the size each time.
* Start with a nice, light background (white is ideal).
* Use a grid for placement of photos and other details, with an excellent ruler.
* Always save a duplicate of your work for safekeeping.
* Print a preview to check your work.
* Print your image using a good printer.

Photoshop CS2 ($239.99)

Sony offers a fantastic entry-level digital camera called the RX100, capable of shooting still images with a 12.2 megapixel CCD sensor. Camera settings are easy to adjust, including setting the white balance, exposure, and flash.

The camera is packed with features, including adjustable zoom, the capture button, built-in flash, and an autofocus system. The RX100 comes with an impressive lens, capable of 24mm to 75mm (105mm on an FX). I highly recommend this camera to someone looking for an entry-level digital camera.

The camera has a white balance and brightness system to adjust the colors of your images. When shooting indoors, for example, you can adjust white balance so that your images have a nice balance of white and balance. This can be adjusted in one of two ways. The first is to select a white balance preset that already has this balance set. The second is to increase or decrease the white balance by one or two stops using the WB adjustment tool. If you can’t take a photo of a white target, use the camera’s manual setting to get a balanced image. For a truly accurate white balance (even on white objects), you can take a photo of a white reference target.


A picture hook is a simple, inexpensive solution for displaying many pictures. This gadget looks like a little plate and is attached to a wall with adhesive or screws. You can put it on the wall in a corner, to show multiple pictures. Some

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It’s not the most powerful or the most popular photo editing software but it does the job.

There are a wide variety of tasks that can be done in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. You can add creative effects, adjust the intensity of colors, remove noise, sharpen the edges or add a vignette.

As long as you understand the basic Photoshop commands, you can master elements.

You’ll start learning the basics right away with our “Importing and Exporting” section, but there are a lot of useful additions in the rest of the tutorial.

So, let’s get started!

So you’re learning Photoshop?

Let’s start with the basics: importing and exporting photos.

Either you’re brand new to Photoshop, in which case you should check out our Beginner’s Tutorial, or you’re an experienced professional, you might need to learn things anew.

Regardless of your skill level, we hope the information you’re about to learn will help you.

Importing photos is one of the most popular topics on iOTW, but there’s a lot more to it than you might expect.

How to Import and Export Photos in Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop Elements 12

There are multiple ways to bring images into Photoshop. These options are usually recommended for webmasters, as the file is often used as the backbone of a website, but they can also be used for creating high-quality prints.

So, let’s begin with the basics.

How to Import

You can import photos from a file, another photo editing program or directly from a digital camera using a few different methods.

Which Import Option Should You Choose?

There are different methods to import images, and most of them are recommended for certain uses and tasks.

However, they can all be effective in solving specific problems.

Let’s look at some of the most popular methods to import photos.

Import from Files or the Web

Importing a file is probably the most straightforward option.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into sharing photos from your PC, importing from the Web, or anything in between.

This is also one of the most used methods if you want to edit photos.

You simply need to create a new document and upload

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