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Unite your applications with games and multimedia!
Qtitan Multimedia provides a unified mechanism for integrating games, multimedia and other plugins in Qt applications. The framework consists of two components: Plugins and a Qtitan Multimedia container.
Plugins are written in C++ using Qt and are capable of running in standard Windows application.exe file format.
Qtitan Multimedia is a Qt widget class that displays the game window or the multimedia window as you require. This widget works with plug-ins in the same way as the regular widgets in Qt.
Qtitan Multimedia can be added on the design stage or during runtime and does not require any additional libraries apart from Qt (QtCore, QtGui, QtScript).
Visual Studio support:
Qtitan Multimedia is now fully supported in Microsoft Visual Studio.
Visual Studio Integration story:
Visual Studio support story
1. Qtitan Multimedia must be added to the project at design stage
1.1. Compile the Qtitan Multimedia project to the VS solution.
1.2. Link the executable to the visual studio solution.
2. To add the object of the Qtitan Multimedia class at design time, add an element to the
designer.ui file.
2.1. Add a TabWidget to the designer.ui file.
2.2. Insert a Qtitan Multimedia element below the tabwidget.
3. When the designer loads the visual studio project, you should see the created Qtitan
Multimedia element in the object browser.
2.3. Use Insert Qtitan Multimedia tab to add the new tab to the designer.
2.4. In the Add Qtitan Multimedia tab, input the path to the Qtitan Multimedia
executable file.
2.5. Execute the Qtitan Multimedia from the Designer.
In addition, you can also use Qtitan Multimedia from the designer at runtime by adding the Qtitan Multimedia class into the designer.ui file, clicking on the OK button and executed the application.
Qtitan Multimedia supports the following Xml plug-ins that can be loaded from within the Qtitan Multimedia:
Microsoft(R) Rich Text Format 5.x Document Format plugin (RTF)
Microsoft(R) Office Word document plugin (DOCX)
Microsoft(R) PowerPoint document plugin (PPSX)
Microsoft(R) Office Excel document plugin (XLSX

QtitanMultimedia Download

Simplify work with multimedia and enhance your mobile apps with rich integration

Add a full-fledged Flash video player, Silverlight plug-in and Adobe Reader application right into Qt in the style of embedded controls

Auto-generate the necessary interface code

Work with multiple windows and plug-ins that display the content in them

Supports Qt frameworks for C++, C++/Qt, PyQt and Qt Designer

How to use Qtitan Multimedia:

To get the media-related capabilities of the framework, you need to add the appropriate signals to the UI. The corresponding slots have been automatically generated in accordance with your design and name conventions for controls and widgets. The control can be embedded into the component palette or dragged directly in to the class editing area in Qt Designer, so you don’t have to go to the toolbox and use the “Plugins” section in the class editing window.

Qtitan Multimedia Installation:


Download the framework in archive format from and extract to the desired location, e.g. %QTDIR%\bin.
Download the Windows version of the framework installer from and extract to the desired location.

Run the installer and it’s finished!


Visual Studio










QtitanMultimedia Free Registration Code [2022]

1) Provides a UI which lets user manipulate the content of a Flash, Silverlight, and/or Adobe Reader object.
2) Adds a menu bar item which displays the content of the Flash/Silverlight/Adobe Reader object or its history of action.
3) Supports the creation of custom text labels using the Qt Designer. These text controls can be dragged from the palette and added to existing GUI structures using any other means, including using the Editor-to-Model mechanism provided by Qt Designer.
4) Does not use any external libraries.
5) Uses the signal/slot mechanism in Qt to connect with a plug-in.
6) Supports embedding multiple objects in a single frame.
7) Does not load any plug-ins (such as Flash) that are not part of Qt.
8) Integrates with Qt Designer.
QtitanMultimedia Licensing:
QtitanMultimedia is released under the GNU GPL v3 license.
QtitanMultimedia Documentation:
Qtitan Multimedia Documentation:

Qtitan Multimedia Project Page:

Qtitan Multimedia Google Group:

Qtitan Multimedia Source Code:

Qtitan Multimedia Download:

The PC Application Platform (PAP) is being developed as a platform designed to simplify the build of desktop and mobile applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
The platform will be a hybrid of native Windows and the Mac OS X Carbon framework. One of the features of the platform is the way it integrates the client-side with the server-side of Windows platforms. PAP is the client-side framework that enables developers to create custom application interfaces. It enables developers to focus on the business logic of their applications instead of the plumbing that isn’t relevant to their business. PAP will use a plugin architecture. A PAP plug-in will be a module that extends the PAP model for a given application scenario. Plug-ins may provide client-side or server-side functionality.
With the focus on the user interface (UI),

What’s New In?

Qtitan Multimedia is a powerful library that will enrich your Qt applications with a wide range of multimedia features. The library completely integrates with Qt Designer and allows you to add Flash, Silverlight and Adobe Reader functionality to your apps the same way you add fields, tables and other regular controls.
Qtitan Multimedia is essentially a class container inherited from the QWidget class and capable of displaying Netscape-compatible plug-ins with NPAPI architecture. The container works with plug-ins that require a separate window and those that can display their content in the Qt window.
This makes it possible to combine the content generated by Qt itself with the content produced by plug-ins. Being a native Qt component, Qtitan Multimedia utilizes the signal/slot system, the prime mechanism used for connecting objects in Qt projects.
Qtitan Multimedia can be added on the design stage or during runtime and does not require any additional libraries apart from Qt (QtCore, QtGui, QtScript). Written in C++ using Qt SDK, the library supports Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, Qt Creator and any other IDE that Qt integrates into. Give Qtitan Multimedia a try to see what it’s really capable of!

Qtitan Multimedia Preview:

Qtitan Multimedia Download
You can download Qtitan Multimedia today and give it a try. Qtitan Multimedia is available for a one-time purchase price. For more information on this software, please visit its project web site.

Qtitan Multimedia Reviews:

Qtitan Multimedia (3.0.0) – Powerful Native & Plug-in library for adding multimedia to Qt applications.(based on the yahoo answers) Is this working in Windows 7 64-bit as an app or stand-alone plugin? I can get the plugins installed through the SDK but not the app. Thanks!

Thank you for your report.
Qtitan Multimedia is well designed and tailored to run on Windows platform. It is based on the native window API of Microsoft Windows (with the help of Silverlight for instance).
As a Linux user myself, I can’t reply the exact behavior of Qtitan Multimedia on a platform different from Windows, but from my experience on Windows, it should not be different to the old-school plugins (e.g. Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player) as they used to.
The app works fine as a stand-alone plugin in

System Requirements:

• Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.
• 512MB or more of system memory.
• 1GHz or higher CPU with 4 or more cores.
• 16GB or more of hard drive space.
• HD (720p) or better graphics card with OpenGL 3.0 or higher.
• DVD drive
• DirectX 9 compatible video card (recommended).
• USB port.
• NVIDIA PhysX technology (requires PCI-Express graphics card, download for PC compatibility).
Input devices:


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