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What You Should Know Although Photoshop is suited to a wide range of uses, it does fall into categories. So, it’s important to be clear that you know what you’re doing and you really understand Photoshop’s features and capabilities. To start, here are a few of the most common questions people ask about Photoshop: What are the standard units? RGB for image color CMYK for print colors DEG for display color CMYK for print DOT for vector graphics UCS for true art work Points for pixels Good, as good as it gets Raster: Images made up of pixels. Vector: Draws an image as a series of mathematical equations that are translated into a graphic. Dot: In vector images, the.dwg file extension. Step by step… In addition, Photoshop has many preferences and settings that can be applied globally or to a project-by-project basis. You can also import items into Photoshop from other applications. What are typical uses for Photoshop? Anyone can use Photoshop. It can be used for everything from coloring in books to editing and retouching photos to producing television commercials, design work, etc. Which version of Photoshop should I have? You can use Photoshop CS 2 or CS 4. CS 2 will be obsolete by the time you read this, but CS 4 will certainly still be useful in many other situations. You can upgrade to the newest version, but don’t feel that you have to. How do I install Photoshop? You will need to purchase Photoshop if you haven’t already. If you have Photoshop Elements, you can add or upgrade to the more widely used version. Downloading Photoshop. Photo © mrseb. Click on image for larger view. How do I use Photoshop? For the beginner, this is the hardest part. The vast number of buttons and tools and menus can be confusing and overwhelming. The following website offers an in depth tutorial on how to use Photoshop: Step-by-step Photoshop tutorial What are the different layers? Layer is simply a representation of an object or portion of an object. Photoshop has various layers that allow you to manipulate a single object while working on different aspects of it. For example, you can paint, color, or write on a layer, then

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7 Best Adobe Photoshop Elements Free Alternatives to Photoshop 1. Pixlr Pixlr is a free online photo editor that allows users to crop, resize, rotate, add text, blur and draw on images with a wide range of tool options for better photo editing. It provides features including visual effects, filters, adjustment layers, customizable layers, and more. Pixlr offers a wide range of features that are useful for a number of purposes, such as changing the contrast or brightness of an image, changing the colors in a photo or converting the color palette from one color scheme to another. The user can choose from a number of color themes for the site’s interface. Pixlr offers a number of features, but no built-in ability to remove watermarks, change fonts, add text and animations. 2. GIMP GIMP is one of the best free image editing programs on the internet. It is a cross-platform software that features over 400 preset filters, including various effects that can make your photos look like they were taken with a smartphone camera, raw view, adjustment layers, and a wide range of editing tools. GIMP is also compatible with Photoshop but this tool requires Photoshop to create and work with layers. Features: Editing tools Image filters Painting tools Shape tools Tools for text and photo editing Adjustment layers Layers Live blur History viewer GIMP is a cross-platform software and supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. 3. Paint.NET Paint.NET is a free online photo editing program for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows users to batch resize and crop images or videos, apply a filter, add text, and change the color, saturation and tone of an image. Paint.NET supports all graphic formats and has a full resolution canvas to resize the image and adjust the look of photos. Features: Image resizing Image tools Image filters Adjustment layers Layers Cloud storage tools GPS locator Paint.NET is a free online photo editing program. 4. Picnik Picnik is a free online web editor that allows users to crop, resize, rotate, add text and stickers, and create collages or Frames from 05a79cecff

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The slow stroke, or near-fast stroke, is very reproducible and accurate, but it needs 10 to 15 seconds to de-stain the current layers. The fast stroke, or active stroke, is also very reproducible, but it takes about 15 seconds to reach the lower 70 percent of the volume. Each of these strokes can be done in five seconds or less. For the last three seconds of the fast stroke, the lower 20 percent is used to de-stain the current layer. Slow sweeps are only available for layers that have been selected in the sequence window, and fast sweeps are only available for layers that are selected in the main panel. The fast stroke is also used for copying. Fast strokes can be used for copying in a number of ways. You can use the fast stroke to copy from one layer to another by selecting the layers that you want to copy from and copying them to the other layers. You can also use the fast stroke and a preview to copy layers in the direction they will be repositioned. The pop-up menu that appears when you hold down the Alt key while using the fast stroke to reposition a layer includes a menu item that allows you to copy the current layer to a new layer. The fast stroke is very easy to use, and it is very easy to learn and employ. It is designed to work well for beginners, since they can learn the basics of the tool quickly. Fast Tools You can use the fast tools for any number of tasks. You can use the fast tools to access and select specific layers, use the quick healing tool to remove scratches or other spots from an image, perform basic digital enhancements, copy and paste layers, duplicate layers, and more. Although fast tools are used to accomplish a number of things, they are designed to accomplish some specific functions. Access Specific Layers You can use the fast tools to access and select specific layers. The Fast Smart Brush and the Fast Draw tools both allow you to select specific layers and access the layers in the active area, which eliminates the need to scroll around the image. In addition, the ability to select layers is used to copy and paste layers. Create Scratch Removal The quick healing tool allows you to remove scratches or other surface spots from the image. This tool is very easy to use. Enhancements The Enhance Light tool allows you to slightly brighten up the highlights in the image. The Enhance Satin tool allows you to slightly dark

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Q: How to change only one index in list? Let’s say I have a list: my_list = [« a », « b », « c », « d »] How can I change the element at index 1 and keep the others the same? I know I can do that with a for loop, but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way to do that. The output I want is: [« b », « c », « d »] A: With list comprehensions: >>> my_list = [« a », « b », « c », « d »] >>> new_list = [item for item in my_list if item!= ‘a’] >>> new_list [‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’] A: You can use a list comprehension to do this. >>> my_list = [« a », « b », « c », « d »] >>> new_list = [item for index, item in enumerate(my_list) if index!= 1] >>> new_list [‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’] This will work for items in a list. But if you wanted to modify a list while keeping it in one variable, use the loop method. >>> my_list = [« a », « b », « c », « d »] >>> new_list = [] >>> for index, item in enumerate(my_list): if index!= 1: new_list.append(item) >>> new_list [‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’] The growing popularity of brewing your own beer at home has long created a demand for precision measuring tools for accurately dispensing liquid amounts. Brewing on the move is especially popular, and as a result the need for portable and inexpensive measuring devices becomes even more important. A popular brewing device, known as a corny-keg, is essentially a metal container with a bottom and some sort of entry system at the top. The container is first filled with a liquid such as malt extract, hops extract, or even water. Then a yeast culture is introduced into the container, where it “ferments” the liquid and converts it into beer. For these reasons, and because the container doubles as a fermenting vessel, corny-kegs are usually made from a relatively clear and resilient

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